Can’t Figure Out Which Microwave Option Is the Best for Your Home? Here’s a Complete Guide

There is really is no better way to speed up the process of meal preparation that the microwave. Utilizing intense waves of energy to heat or cook food instead of depending on fuel, the microwave has several uses. Be it preparing popcorn or steaming a cup of healthy vegetables or defrosting frozen food items or even cooking meat just in a matter of seconds - the time that it takes to do anything in a microwave is considerably less compared to what it takes in an oven or in a cooker. If you wish to purchase a time and energy saving microwave oven, there are a lot of options. Here are the different types of microwaves and what they offer:

Countertop Microwaves

Small in size (0.8-2.0 cubic-feet), these relatively standard and traditional microwaves can easily rest on any available space in the kitchen. These self-supporting microwaves are easily transportable. A few pros of these microwaves include:

  • They can be easily moved.
  • Widespread variation of capacity and power offerings, typically between 0.5-2.0 cubic-feet.
  • A few models have directing trim equipment that let it to be constructed in to the wall, making room for additional kitchen counter space.
  • Offers inexpensive solutions.
  • Multipurpose features and functionalities.

Over-the-Range Microwaves

Over-the-range microwaves can be easily installed above the kitchen cooktop. Their additional features include:

  • Some of these models can be used to get rid of smoke, steam and food odours with the help of integral ventilation arrangements.
  • Some Over-the-range microwave models have sensor cook characteristic for simple re-heating for improved cooking skills.
  • Built-in light system that vivifies the cooking/heating surface.
  • Several venting possibilities. Exterior venting directs the smoke through an external exhaust opening, while re-circulating emitting microwave air through a charcoal-sieve, finally exhausting it into the house again.

Built-In Microwaves

Built-in microwaves can be easily installed onto a wall or a cabinet for suitable operation. A lot of houses nowadays are offering these appliances as a part of the kitchen. Some of the advantages Built-In Microwaves offer include:

  • Saving a lot of kitchen counter space
  • A wide range of capacity ranging from mid to plus-sized models (0.8-2.0 cubic-feet).
  • Higher watts distribute additional power to heat food rapidly.
  • Entails bigger upfront investment. In addition to costing more, these microwaves also require professional installation. However, in the long term, these investments certainly pay off.
  • Accessible in a variety of dimensions and watt-power choices, typically over 800 watts.

Hanging Microwaves

One of the most prevalent kinds of microwave is the hanging microwave. As opposed to residing in invaluable kitchen counter space; these microwave ovens can be easily locked above the stove top or under a cabinet.

After considering the kitchen space, the cost of the microwave and the brand, investing in one of these microwaves can prove to be a great investment. It will help you become a more efficient cook in the long run!