Iron versus Steamer – Which One Should You Buy?

Quite clearly, both irons and steamers are very useful with each of the appliances having certain circumstances that they are equipped to manage better than the other. Thus, most households would ideally own both, particularly if the members of the house boast an extensive wardrobe which consists of dress-shirts and gentle silk clothes, satins and polyester items.

Nevertheless, if you are not really bothered to buy both a steamer and an iron, which one does your wardrobe need more? Here is a comprehensive list of pros and cons of both the appliances which will certainly help you in making the decision:


PRO – They are very easy to use on smooth textiles. Dark and weighty materials such as pima-cotton are ideal for using irons.

CON - They are not the best when used on sleeves and pleats.

PRO - Irons are great for pressing dress-shirts, regular trousers and jeans. Essentially, any wear that necessitates a crease should be pressed with an iron.

CON – Irons are an added expense. A strong ironing board is obligatory – the space needed for using an iron is much less compared to a compact steamer.

PRO - Modern irons don’t require the user to be heavy on the clothes in order to deliver an excellent press. Furthermore, irons essentially do the work of steamers in several ways for the reason that some irons can generate steam if and when purchased with additional water reservoirs.

CON –Irons are much slower than steamers. Handheld clothing steamers are also better than irons when it comes to convenience for the reason that they are light in weight and need little space.

The one significant advantage irons offer over steamers is that the user can easily iron extremely wrinkled clothes very effortlessly. When using a steamer, this task can be a difficult one.


PRO - A steamer can take the creases out of a fabric without having to make actual contact with the cloth. A garment-steamer utilizes hot steam to make the fibers in clothing a lot more eased. As the jet of steam is rapt at the material, a smooth look can be achieved without applying sweltering heat to the material.

CON – Creases and wrinkles cannot be pressed onto clothes. A dress shirt will not have the desired crisp look if a steamer is used on it.

PRO - Steamers are ideal for soft and delicate fabrics. So, if your wardrobe is full of materials such as silk, polyester, satin and jersey – investing in a steamer is the best way to go. Since garment steamers don’t actually touch the fabric, the risk of burning the garment is completely eliminated. On top of that, suits, jumpers, delicate materials and clothing materials which have pleats will need steaming in order to protect and maintain the fabric.

Both of these appliances have their positives and drawbacks. Your choice should essentially be based on the type of wardrobe you have! It is a clever idea to have both but if that is not possible consider these points and make the right decision!