Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Air Conditioning System

With heat wave after heat wave hitting most parts of the world, one should not compromise on cooling the house. In order to seek a few of the most effective and cost-efficient air conditioning systems available on the market, a few things must be considered. Apart from the design and cooling capacity, the noise level produced by an air conditioner is also an important factor to keep in mind. Since not all residential air conditioning units are fashioned in the same way, here is a complete guide on all the best choices available in the market for homeowners.

Split Air Conditioning System

The Split Air Conditioning System essentially consists of two parts - an outside compressor and an interior unit linked with pipes. These systems are usually powerful enough to cool down one to two rooms at a time. They can also be used in an open plan region, covering distances of up to 60sqm. If your budget is around $600, you can get a basic model, however the more extravagant ones can cost up to $5500.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning System

A form of split system, consisting of a single external unit linked with two (more can be added) interior units. This can be a decent method of cooling down two to three rooms placed close to each other. So, for homeowners looking to save up some money by not investing in separate Split Air Conditioning Systems or looking to save up space by not investing in a ducted system – having a Multi-Split Air Conditioning System is the ideal choice.

Ducted System

The ideal choice for households looking to control the temperature of a large home via a single system, the Ducted System has a central unit linked with air duct openings and sensory equipment in every room of the house. Setting the preferred temperatures and selecting the areas of the house which need to be cooled or heated is easy to do with the help of a central control panel. Since the system is a bit complicated, it can be a bit costly with the prices of these systems ranging up to $5000 or more.

Wall/Window Systems

These machines are typically installed in a window space or in an exterior wall. They can cool down closed rooms as big as 50 square meters. Small sized units can be used with normal plug and power points, however the ones which cost more (around $1200) and are larger in size need extra wiring.

Floor Standing AC

Fairly noiseless and available in much more designs as compared to wall/window units, Floor Standing AC systems present their owners with a smooth and easy technique of cooling down their homes while also proving to be a great decorative item. The slightly costlier models are able to assimilate wireless internet connections into the system, enabling the user to regulate room temperatures with the help of their mobile devices.

Thus, the choices are many when it comes to air conditioning. Only after considering a household’s most essential requirements (space, capacity of cooling etc.), one of these systems must be chosen.